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0004239Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2011-03-16 08:112011-03-19 16:59
Toady One 
0004239: Nameless notable creatures produce ugly " , "" "-entries in historical-figures-list
Sometimes creatures get notable without getting a name. That affects creatures with [CAN_LEARN] but not [CAN_SPEAK] that get brought along with sieges (like trolls), the merchants' pack animals (only if they get killed) and animal man companions in adventure mode.
However, the game still displays them like they had a name and this produces ugly " , "" "-entries in the creature list in legends mode and in the kill list of the creature profiles in game.
1. Get sieged by goblins that bring trolls OR kill a merchant's pack animal OR get animal people to join you on your quest in adventure mode and end the game before they get any kills.
2. Seek out their entries in legend mode.
legends, lists, nameless, names, text, unnamed
related to 0000005resolved Toady One Underground region names display badly in Legends 
child of 0003952new  Historical figures will only be named if they ascend to a position of power and associated woes 
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Hey Toady -- FYI, this issue is very similar to the bug you just fixed with underground region names (0000005).