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0004270: Dwarf Fortress freezes forever
I have a fortress that was 8x8 on the embark screen, and has a population of 40 dwarves (and about a dozen other creatures, counting tame animals, wild animals, and monsters). It is in the fall of the second year. It is unplayable because the game keeps crashing. Dwarf Fortress uses 1 gigabyte of RAM when I try to play this fortress, and crashes pretty much immediately as soon as I unpause the game after loading it. I have 2 gigabytes of RAM and don't get a low memory error message when Dwarf Fortress freezes. (It doesn't crash with any kind of error message; it just freezes. I waited 10 minutes before giving up on it.) I have Windows Vista Home Basic, Service Pack 2, if that matters.
The only reason I can think of why it crashes is because it uses too much memory. But that doesn't really make a lot of sense when it uses only half my RAM and I don't get a low memory message. So I don't have a GOOD possible explanation for it.
Though I've never had an endless freeze on a 4x4 embark site, I've had plenty times when it froze for a minute or two.
Embark on a really large site.
The only things unusual about my embark site are: It is entirely in Cold and Freezing biomes, including a glacier, and the glacier biome contains a volcano.
I have a save game, but I'm not sure where to upload it.
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duplicate of 0000136new  When embarking on large area, DF hits 2GB memory limit and crashes 
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Another variant of 0000136, but it sounds like yours is probably because DF is actually out of memory. I'm not sure that will generate an "out of memory" error like you're expecting, either.