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0004334Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2011-03-25 09:382012-02-15 09:35
Knight Otu 
Toady One 
0004334: No hunters of great beasts in worldgen despite BEAST_HUNTER tag
As per 0003529 (which had a different focus), there used to be historical figures taking up "hunting great beasts" from civilizations with the BEAST_HUNTER tag. These no longer appear in worldgen, and the XML export shows that no historical figures take up the "hunting" state that they used to take up.
Since hunters of great beasts used to be one mechanic to allow normal historical beasts and I believe one source of dead megabeasts, their current non-existence may be intentional. In that case, maybe the tag should be removed from the entities.
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related to 0003529resolved Toady One No normal historical beasts, and no non-mega beast rampages 
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Knight Otu   
2012-02-14 10:42   
I've noticed someone taking up hunting in Legends by chance, and a check of the XML reveals many hfs taking up hunting.