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0004409Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Displaypublic2011-03-31 11:032016-05-13 00:12
Knight Otu 
Toady One 
0004409: Creating masterwork in adventure mode results in history line "created a masterful item for at an unknown site (or wrong site)"
In testing out 0004408, I created a masterful item, and Legends mode then said about the character that she "created a masterful rock salt whetstone for at an unknown site." Since she didn't create it for any entity, there is a space after the "for". She was at a town site at the time, though the game might not have realized this.

Later, after an aborted attempt to test out the behavior in Dwarf mode, I again tested this out, and for the masterworks created this time, Legends claims they were created at a human fortress of the same civilization as the town site I was in at the time.
Get a mod with knapping adventure mode reactions (such as Lofn's Wanderer's Friend mod http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2665 [^] ), create a knapper demigod, and knap objects until you create a masterwork (making sharp stones does not result in a masterwork announcement even if the stone is masterfully knapped).
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