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0004564Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2011-04-23 06:302011-11-29 12:26
Linux 2.6.35-29-generic-paeUbuntu10.10
0004564: Hit "c" in adventure mode: Segmentation fault.
The game is simply gone, the moment I hit "c".

No errors in the errorlog nor in the gamelog.
Running from terminal says: Segmentation fault
Start DF2 (preferrable from terminal to see the resulting error message).
Create or load an Adventure character.
Hit "c".
My guess is that some aspect of the companions hasn't been initialised properly, thus a segfault occurs when you try to access it.
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duplicate of 0003713resolved Baughn DF crashes when attempting to use Aimed attacks when using truetype display in Linux 
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Confirmed to be 0003713. (TrueType)

Knight Otu   
2011-10-04 03:52   
It might be the same root cause, but I'll leave this open for now in case there is more to it.
2011-11-16 14:32   
I applied the fix for 003713 and the segfault no longer occurs. Is that good enough for "resolved" or do you still suspect other things happen?