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Toady One 
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0000459: Webbed injured dwarf unable to rest and thus cannot be diagnosed/hospitalised
I had a dwarf collecting webs underground who was attacked by a troglodyte and ran into some webs before being seriously injured. I was able to defeat the troglodyte with my military and recover the wounded dwarf - however, I subsequently received unending "Rig•th Amnekast, Weaver cancels Rest: Webbed." Because he couldn't rest, none of my medical dwarfs would diagnose him or clean him, and because he was injured he couldn't move to clean the webs off himself.
healthcare, rest, spider webs
related to 0000681resolved Toady One Legless/footless dwarfs are ignored by healthcare 
has duplicate 0003429resolved Logical2u dwarf stuck as webbed, getting hundreds of announcements 
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2010-07-18 11:59   
I have a similar problem in v31.10.

My dwarf has been knocked uncouncious with arrows, and is severly injured :
- right upper arm
- left upper arm
- left lower arm
- right hand
- right upper leg
- left upper leg
- right lower leg
- left lower leg
- guts
- liver
- stomach
- left kidney
- left shoulder
- right floating rib

He's not waking up, and thus don't "rest" in the hospital bed.
He's just uncounscious and nauseous.

I have the error : cancel diagnose Patient : Patient not resting.
2010-07-18 12:45   
UPLOADED SAVE : http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2724 [^]
2010-07-31 03:21   
(edited on: 2010-07-31 03:27)
I had this same problem happen to one of my dwarves webbed/injured in combat against a giant cave spider. Only 5 hours later of suffering through 20 FPS (down from around 100 uncapped) did he recover somehow (seemed like he healed over time without medical attention but food and water) and my FPS went back too 100.

The lag was due to non-stop cancellation error spam from the dwarf: "Urist McLagdwarf cancels Rest : Webbed." I have pages of announcements only with this written multiple times. For example one page has 1847 cancellations in total, the highest being 340.

Edit: It now seems he probably freed himself by going insane as he was probably unhappy with constantly being weary/drowsy or whatever, not being able to sleep in a spider web and all.

2010-07-31 10:18   
The same thing I mentioned above happened again when a Draltha broke a dwarves leg and left him unconscious and then the Draltha was dispatched of. My dwarf keeps spamming "cancels Rest: Interrupted by Draltha" (even though he's dead) and no one will take him to the hospital. As before my FPS immediately dropped by half and will only get worse from here...
2010-08-09 04:36   
This is indeed a major issue - it makes the message window completely useless as it's just thousands of "dwarf cancelled rest: webbed" messages.

In my current fort I'm just waiting for the ranger to die from his injuries, as no-one can move him, he can't break free, and he can't rest.
2010-08-09 07:19   
I had the same thing happen to me in a well developed fortress, and I just ended up abandoning, because I couldn't stand playing at 6 fps.
2010-08-10 20:31   
I have a similar issue - in this case, the dwarf in question spams an "Cancels Rest: Interrupted by Giant Eagle" even though the eagle's on the other side of the map. Save here: http://fushizen.net/~bd/recover-bug.zip [^]

If this goes on, I'll have to arrange for him to be killed permanently...