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0004604: military squad isn't being assigned bolts
Got some goblins & trolls trapped between my outer and inner walls, after a siege. I had been sending marksdwarves up to the fortifications to shoot them, until I noticed that they were standing there doing nothing -- they had no bolts.

Checked (m) (f) and saw that the squad was supposed to have 250 bolts, but they had only been assigned one, and it was forbidden, and it was on the second line of the assignment column (the first line being blank). So I built more bolts, but they still did not get assigned. Then I removed the squad's bolts by pressing (d) on it, and requested a new batch of 250 bolts. Still, no bolts were actually assigned, despite there being several stacks of brand new copper bolts on the floor for them.

**Save uploaded at this time. Then I did experiments -- see below.**
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4317 [^]

Bolts are lying on the floor of the northwest barracks (I dumped them there from the workshop, then unforbade them). The squad in question is "The Still Ramparts". Their squad leader is dead, and so is the militia commander -- maybe that's related?

Pulled a random dwarf out of a civilian squad and made her the militia commander. When she was done with the vomit clean-up she'd been working on, she went to get a drink... still no bolt assignment.

OK, next -- try the squad captain. Grabbed another random dwarf and made her the leader of The Still Ramparts. She went into Pickup Equipment mode, and before she even got her first piece, the bolts had been assigned in the (m) (f) screen.

So, apparently one of these personnel changes caused the bolt assignment, and although I can't be certain which one, I'm guessing it was the squad leader. Is this intended behavior, or a bug? Since the save's already uploaded, I might as well finish submitting the bug report, and then people can close it if it turns out that this is intended behavior.
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Had this exact same issue, and completely disassembling the squad and making sure to use a different militia commander fixed it.