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0004686Dwarf FortressLanguagepublic2011-06-02 02:122015-12-11 23:56
Captain Mayday 
Toady One 
0004686: [WORD:SUMMER] has no tokens
[WORD:SUMMER] in language_words.txt has no additional tokens.
Suggest replacing with:

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Captain Mayday   
2011-06-02 02:56   

also left totally empty, just below


Don't know if it's possible to have multiple nouns on a given word entry, but one of them needs to have [NOUN:mightiness:mightinesses]. If it's possible to have multiple nouns on an entry, might be best to change it to [WORD:MIGHT] and do it that way, though this would likely break save compatibility due to naming changes.

I've also noted a great many nouns that have no plural. Cases such as [NOUN:heat:]. I don't think this has any in-game consequence, but there's a lot of possible plurals left undone there.
I could provide a list, but it's just as easy to search for ':]' in the file, and there's a lot of them.