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0004738Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2011-07-06 06:342012-01-06 22:26
0004738: Neutral non-agressive animals can't be hunted at range.
Non-aggressive animals don't appear to be able to be hit with projectiles thrown or fired by the adventurer until either the animal chooses to attack the adventurer or the adventurer makes a melee attack against the creature.

The projectile passes through the creature's tile, but does not make an attack.(Most obvious if there is something solid a few tiles behind the creature to see the object land in a tile that couldn't possibly have missed the creature's tile)
Start an adventurer with ambusher, throwing and archery, pick up a few dozen stones. Go to a wild world map tile, stealth and find some innocent woodland critter, get as close as you can without dropping stealth and start lobbing rocks. Watch as none hit.
Makes adventurers centered around the hunting of wild game difficult, because ranged combat is impractical, the ideal hunter adventurer seems to be one with extremely high agility(for chasing down the fleeing animals cheetah style) and high melee weapon skills(For actually beating some of the larger game without dying). Instead of the more sensible ambushers with crossbow or thrower skill.
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duplicate of 0003268resolved Toady One Items thrown while hiding will never hit. 
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