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Toady One 
0000474: Unable to bandage wound
I had a miner with lower body wounds. He was taken to the hospital and cleaned up, but his wounds were always listed as 'needs dressing'. My doctor would frequently go over to him with a 'dress wounds' job but the wound never actually changed to 'dressed' status. The cloth would just end up sitting in the same square.

I've had this issue with other lower body wounds. Arm wounds and the like seem to get dressed just fine, but lower body wounds don't.
Injure a dwarf's lower body
The miner in question eventually starved to death, although they kept giving him water.
has duplicate 0000212closed Footkerchief Un-dressable dented head 
child of 0000168closed Toady One Doctor repeatedly tries and fails to suture wounds that have already healed 
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It's new in the fact that it's with cloth instead of thread. Bandage instead of Suture. But the behavior is exactly the same.
Toady One   
2010-04-17 05:15   
This one should be fixed for 0.31.04.