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0004782: Reasonably healthy dwarf stuck "in traction" for impossibly long time
Poor Udib Akrulfath has the following medical stats:

Status: In Traction, Thirsty

right foot, skin
right foot, fat
right foot, skin
right foot, fat
Has been sutured

(Note the duplicate... relevant?)

Treatment: no treatment scheduled

26th Felsite, 12: Brought to rest in Bed
19th Hematite, 12: Evaluated
19th Hematite, 12: Cleaned with sheep soap
20st Hematite, 12: Evaluated
21nd Hematite, 12: Received pig tail fiber sutures on left elbow
16th Malachite, 12: Evaluated
17th Malachite, 12: Cleaned with goose soap
18th Malachite, 12: Received pig tail fiber sutures on right foot
21nd Malachite, 12: Evaluated
23th Malachite, 12: Cleaned with cougar soap
9th Galena, 12: Evaluated
11th Galena, 12: Received pig tail fiber sutures on right lower arm
13th Galena, 12: Evaluated
14th Galena, 12: Cleaned with horse soap
16th Galena, 12: Received llama wool dressing on left elbow
18th Galena, 12: Evaluated
20st Galena, 12: Received llama wool dressing on left lower arm
23th Galena, 12: Evaluated
25th Galena, 12: Received llama wool dressing on right foot
11th Limestone, 12: Evaluated
11th Limestone, 12: Cleaned with horse soap
12th Limestone, 12: Evaluated
14th Limestone, 12: Received rope reed fiber dressing on right lower arm
15th Limestone, 12: Evaluated
15th Limestone, 12: Placed in traction in Traction Bench <--- !
16th Limestone, 12: Evaluated
18th Limestone, 12: Received gypsum plaster right foot cast
19th Limestone, 12: Evaluated
21nd Limestone, 12: Received gypsum plaster left lower arm cast
23th Limestone, 12: Received gypsum plaster right lower arm cast

**It is currently 13th Obsidian, 13.**

I'm aware of the dating bug, but haven't heard of it applying to the month or year. But even if it does (i.e. Udib was actually placed in traction on 16th Sandstone, 13), then he's been in traction for 4 months with (as far as I can tell) just a slightly banged-up foot (not even any broken bones). If not, then it's been over a year (yeah, I could definitely lose track of a dwarf for that long... sigh). Surely if there were a reason for this extended stay, he would at least have been evaluated again in the mean time?
Injure a dwarf twice in the same extremity and get unlucky... ? Or maybe there's something preventing casts from being removed? There is no cast in his inventory, though.
Udib heals at an average rate (no mention of the stat in his "thoughts and preferences"). There doesn't seem to ever have been anything wrong with his legs or upper arms, so I'm not really sure why traction was necessary in the first place. I assume the fact that he's currently waiting for someone to bring water isn't really important, as that would have happened a few times already in the past few months.
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duplicate of 0004470resolved Toady One Patients in traction don't get released unless bench is deconstructed 
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There is no cast, but he does still have sutures on his right foot.
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Duplicate of 0004671 and/or 0004470 - next time, use the Search function.