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0004886Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2011-09-09 00:592015-12-12 00:02
Toady One 
0004886: Several venomous creatures aren't immune to their own venom
Giant Cave Spiders are not immune to their own venom. Instead, in the raws, it says that NORMAL cave spiders are immune. A typo with pretty much no ramifications whatsoever unless you get into a GCS/tame GCS fight or something? And even in arena testing, it doesn't seem to noticeably slow them down.
Make a couple GCS's in the arena and have them fight each other. You'll note that they totally get affected by the syndrome, although it doesn't kill them like it would a dwarf.
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2011-09-10 19:31   
It's even more hilariously unimportant when you realize that Giant Cave Spiders are PARALYZEIMMUNE. Lawl.
2012-02-20 14:41   
The same is true for "serpent man bite" as well as the newly added "bark scorpion sting".