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0005038: Hammerer with attached named crossbow weapon beats prisoner forever
I have a fortress in a heavily modded world. One of the mods I have made is to make the Hammerer a manually appointed position. The Hammerer in my current fortress is armed with a crossbow, with the intent of making him a useful military dwarf yet reducing the harm he'll do via a beating.

The Hammerer has scored enough kills with his crossbow to become attached to it, and give it a name.

Recently after a failed mandate a random dwarf was chosen to receive two hammerstrokes. The Hammerer chained the victim up, and is now standing there beating him repeatedly. The combat log shows that the victim has been hit dozens of times, but the sentence still stands at 2 hammerstrokes.

It appears that the blows from the named crossbow aren't counting towards the sentence, but it seems to be impossible to force the dwarf to drop the crossbow and pick up a hammer instead.

Save uploaded here:

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5428 [^]
Mod your entity file to make the hammerer manually appointed. Give your hammerer a crossbow. Let him score enough kills to become attached and give the crossbow a name. Fail enough mandates for justice to occur and a sentence of hammer strokes to be assigned. Watch as your hammerer never stops beating his victim.
With the revamping of the justice system and position of the Hammerer in the next release, this bug will probably become irrelevent anyway.
Fixed in 0.34.01?, Save Included
related to 0001016resolved Toady One Captain of the guard performs beating with combat weapon. 
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It may be a niche situation, but it could also point to an as yet undiscovered problem. I'll leave this open and check it out to see if the justice/hammerer revamp may have fixed it.