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0005043Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Environmentpublic2012-02-11 23:252012-02-23 05:52
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0005043: Human city inside of sand cavern
Essentially, I picked a human town to start at in Adventurer mode. As soon as I did, my framerate plummeted. Sitting on a Quad i7 core and 16GB of RAM, this was never an issue (Even with some 200 dwarves in fortress mode). I tried to fast travel away, and with some effort, i managed to, but I believe I found myself in another cavern? and it said I discovered some glowing pits. I'm not certain if I somehow unleashed hell or something, but my framerate was so bad, it took some 5 seconds to move one step at a time.
None yet, will use the same world and attempt to recreate in the future.
adventure, city, framerate, human, Town
duplicate of 0005077resolved Toady One Browsing world gen map causes corrupted feature files 
related to 0002264resolved Toady One Adv. Mode travel (near oceans) teleports player underground and turns them into an underground creature 
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Knight Otu   
2012-02-12 02:08   
All the symptoms described are those of 0002264, though I think this is the first time that it happens at the start for a vanilla game. Please upload a save at the DFFD http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] (entire region folder of the affected game), and post a link to it in the above issue, along with which human civilization you were trying to create an adventurer for.

If you think that bug doesn't describe what happened to your adventurer, please reopen this report.
2012-02-12 02:59   
This seems to be different in some variation from the other report. I do indeed start near the ocean, but I'm still a human. However, there's an incredible amount of framerate lag, mist, and tower-caps and other underground stuff ABOVE ground. (It seems to be above ground, I have full vision range and I cant find anything specifying I'm underground.)

I'll be uploading the save momentairily, as soon as I can get my DF to get out of this broken framerate.
2012-02-12 03:15   
(edited on: 2012-02-12 03:16)
I fast travelled to find the name of the city, and then left the map to come back to my location. I fell through the air, sand (I was hit by it presumably it hit me), caught in a cloud of magma, and then hit the ground and exploded into pieces.

Nohuspesor is the name of the city. I created yet another character, and it crashed upon loading this time.

The save is currently before I fast travelled.

EDIT: I remained human the entire time, to my knowledge.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5471 [^]

I'm using ironhand .60 tileset, but as far as I know that wouldn't cause any issues.

Knight Otu   
2012-02-12 04:59   
Thanks for the update.
2012-02-23 05:52   
Lightning4 helped me ID this save as a case of feature corruption. See 0005077.