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0005139Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2012-02-15 14:452012-03-09 07:13
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0005139: Fish cleaners getting interrupted by undead mussel shells
1) When a dwarf or pet dies, it's corpse will keep rising over and over again.
This causes:
- strange naming. Like being interrupted by a cat corpsecat corpse. Or Urist's corpse's Corpse.
- needing to bury dwarves and pet's over and over again. As in: Urist's coffin, Urist's Corpse's coffin, Urist rotten corpse's coffin. You can only engrave one slab per dead dwarf though.

2) When cleaning fish, workers keep being interrupted by mussel shells. The mussel shells are listed as undead as soon as a clean fish job is finished. They don't seem to attack though, and die pretty fast. I suppose this would go for other shelled animals as well.
1.1) embark on a haunted biome
1.2) have a dwarf killed
1.3) place a coffin, allow for burial
1.4) kill the dwarf's corpse once it rises
1.5) place a coffin, allow for burial

2.1) embark on a haunted biome that has mussels
2.2) build fishery workshop
2.3) catch mussels
2.4) watch the job interruption messages
2.5) check the undead units screen once you get a mussel shell interrupt
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The corpse naming is covered at 0005078.
2012-02-16 00:52   
This is the dwarfiest thing I've read all week. I am smiling.
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The devlog entry from 08/21/2011 suggests that shells shouldn't get raised because they don't have grasps or heads...
Knight Otu   
2012-03-09 07:13   
That devlog wasn't quite complete. In a FotF post ( http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=84398.msg2281409;topicseen#msg2281409 [^] ), Toady mentioned that the raising condition is a head or grasp part left if the original creature had those. Since mussels lack those parts, the shells become eligible for reanimation.