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0005203Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2012-02-16 17:492014-07-01 17:32
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0005203: Dwarf dying from justice beating generates a "has been found dead" report
My mayor (who is probably a vampire) accused an obviously innocent farmer of being a vampire, and I decided that it'd be more "in character" to convict the farmer. I have no jails and no hammerer, so what happened was that my Captain of the Guard (who is definitely a vampire) killed the farmer by punching him twice. This caused an announcement to show up that the farmer had been found dead. There's also a pending murder case for the farmer's death.
My best guess is that this has something to do with the guard captain being a vampire. The justice took place in a crowded hallway, in case that matters.
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2012-03-11 22:48   
I had something similar happen in my last fort, except that the dwarf who performed the beating in my case was definitely not a vampire (unless I'm misunderstanding how Dwarf Therapist catches those, anyway - I seem not to have had any yet; every dwarf I've had so far has accepted their custom profession name without a hitch).
2012-03-12 11:29   
@AdeleneDawner - Custom profession names for vampires were fixed in 0.34.03, so you may have vampires and not know it.
2012-06-30 19:34   
I just had this problem. The Captain of the Guard, who strongly fits the profile a vampire (lots of skills, lots of former entities), immediately tracked down four criminals and gave them fatal beatings. They were not added to his kill list, and they were listed as unsolved murders. I assume it's because vampires' kills are supposed to be hidden.
2014-06-22 19:52   
This doesn't seem to be an issue with vampires - I just had a number of dwarves be afflicted by dwarven justice (due to an export restriction that was put in place after the traders started packing up but before they left), and had a hammerdwarf beat some dwarves to death for it. They show as unsolved murders despite witnesses and the kills do appear in his kill list, so it's not being particularly secretive about it apart from the 'has been found dead' message.
2014-07-01 17:32   
This is a general bug that has been known for a while. It doesn't only apply to vampires but to all justice beatings that end in death.