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0005247Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2012-02-17 21:312014-07-11 04:40
Toady One 
0005247: Can't shoot prone targets while sneaking
Shooting arrows, throwing stones, and other ranged attacks pass right through prone/unconscious hostiles. Frustrating as arrows and bolts tend to induce fainting, forcing you to move in and risk detection
Shoot at a prone/on ground creature
Not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, hoping for the former
Fixed in 0.40.01?
related to 0003268resolved Toady One Items thrown while hiding will never hit. 
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2012-02-22 14:26   
what version is this for? i havn't had this problem on 34.02, but i do have to be much much closer to hit prone targets with thrown or fired things, which if you think about it, its about right, prone targets are harder to hit with projectiles.
2012-02-22 16:15   
0.34.01, I haven't had the chance to test anything on .02 yet. It could be related to sneaking as well, haven't been able to test anything lately
2012-02-22 16:17   
It might not be entirely impossible, just way harder than it's supposed to be.
2012-02-22 19:12   
On further testing, I think I've misworded the summary. This only seems to apply when you are a) in ambush mode and b) the target is unconscious.

In ambush, Standing one tile away, missed repeatedly. Then came out of ambush, hit absolutely with no problem. Tested with throwing and crossbowman. Haven't tested bowman (didn't have one handy) but I expect the same result
2012-02-23 04:38   
I have a same problem in 0.34.02

Throwed over 20 items on the prone target that was not unconscious 3 tiles away from stealth and missed them all with 1400+ throwing skill.

Same thing happening with unconscious targets.
2012-02-23 04:44   
you could do the bowman testing in the arena, really you can do any testing at all in the arena.
2012-03-11 17:57   
It's sneaking in general, it doesn't matter if they're prone. I threw several hundred stones at a warthog through macro while sneaking, and only scored a hit when I accidentally hit the wrong target with a wildly inaccurate throw.

My character was a legendary archer and thrower, due to macro powerleveling, as well, and my character had very high accuracy as soon as I stopped sneaking.

The difference seems to be whether the target is "hostile". If I sneak up to melee range, and have to hit the "confirm" to attack a creature, then I will always miss that target when I shoot into that tile.
2014-07-11 03:58   
This is fixed in 0.40.02. I tested it in the arena and managed to hit a prone dwarf while sneaking. Then he fell unconscious and I could still shoot him.

This also works with friendly targets, and you don't even have to sneak to shoot them. They also don't go hostile if you shoot them and that might be a separate bug; I'll do some more testing about that.

But anyways, this bug is gone.
Knight Otu   
2014-07-11 04:40   
Thanks, Trif. The fix should be for 40.01.