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0005248: Raised bogeymen corpses limit fast travel/sleep
Basically, having four undead bogeymen means that you never get the "the cackling fades away" (which does make sense, IMO), meaning that you cannot fast travel, rest, make a campfire, etc

Basically you can't have bogeymen minions as of right now. I have yet to kill off all the bogeymen and then raise, but that really shouldn't matter
Kill some bogeymen, WITHOUT killing the last one. Raise these corpses before they turn into smoke. Kill the last bogeyman (raising optional), then try to leave the site. SURPRISE, you can't.

Slaughter your undead bogeys and you can fast travel again
I really want to see if undead bogeymen are effected by sunlight.....
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It appears have any animated bogeyman around prevents fast travel, even after you've gotten the "cackling fades away" message