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0005264: Population Cap Not Working
I *have* noticed that there are similar reports to this one that have been filed, but believe that due to the general brush off of the community and the fact that the bug is reproducible and should be very solvable/has been for some time, it is increasingly important to restate the problem.

I have an older computer. Buying a new one is far beyond the realm of possibility at this point, and is a private solution to a public problem. Having more than twenty-five dwarves or so slows my framerate to around 10 FPS, give or take. I really like this game, but it's impossible to play like this; especially given that I only have about twenty minutes or day to play the game.

Set the pop-cap to anything; there is a lot of confusion and false advertising here, such as that the first two caravans matter or that after you have reached a certain amount of population, the migrants will stop arriving. Both of these are untrue - migrants will come regardless of population-cap, current in-game population (does this continue with 200+ citizens?), and created wealth.
34.01, Fortress Mode, immigrants
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