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0005322Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2012-02-19 18:232012-02-21 01:02
Toady One 
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0005322: Syndromes and interactions use "LIKESFIGHTING" instead of "LIKES_FIGHTING"
[IT_REQUIRES:###], [IT_FORBIDDEN:###], [CE_ADD_TAG:###], and [CE_REMOVE_TAG:###] can reference "LIKESFIGHTING", while the corresponding creature token is named "LIKES_FIGHTING". All other creature tokens valid within this context match.
There's also the fact that generated interactions remove "MISCHIEVIOUS" instead of the (newly added) correctly spelled "MISCHIEVOUS", but that's probably not important since the code accepts it either way.
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Toady One   
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Ah, whoops. It'll take them both now and uses the good ones everywhere in the generated interactions.