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0005361Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2012-02-21 02:472012-02-29 09:59
Khym Chanur 
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0005361: Armor shop had nothing but copper boots
Having found my first ever armor shop since playing 0.34, I was frustrated to find that it sold nothing but copper boots, lots and lots of copper boots.
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Knight Otu   
2012-02-21 03:18   
This is probably an instance of specialization taken to extremes in world gen. Good variance can be a problem in other shops as well.
Khym Chanur   
2012-02-29 09:24   
In 0.34.03 an armour shop had copper chain-mail, breast-plate, helm, boots and gauntlets, and the general import shops have a greater variety of goods, so I'm wondering if maybe it's a duplicate of 0005244.
2012-02-29 09:59   
Okay, reopen this if it's still around.