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0005397Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2012-02-22 12:412017-09-03 13:43
0005397: Many kills reported as Unknown creature
Checking through legeneds after generating a world and many kills by historical figures are reported as 'Unknown Creature' kills.

"Zedan (the zombie dragon.... awesome) struck down an Unknown Creature"
or under kills list:
"An Unknown Creature" (no date or mention in his history)
"An Unknown creatureUnknown Creature in 76"

I used advanced parameters to create a world with more evil sites and evil rains, so I think it may be related to undead? Not sure if legends mode or kill history tracks undead properly, and the doubling of the 'unknown creature' name seems similar to some of the undead name generation bugs.
Unable to Reproduce.
I did stop world gen part way through so it might be related to 0002713. Tried to reproduce this by stopping part way through on a small sized map but may need to try larger.

No mods.
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related to 0000385resolved Footkerchief "unknown frozen creature substance chops" in stocks menu 
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Just generated a new world with increased evil sites, fogs and rain, no other changes, and the 'unknown creature' is very common in legends so it does seem to be related to those. Pretty sure its undead creatures not working correctly in legends.

2017-09-02 14:26   
The unknown creatures in legends are a result of enabling "Cull unimportant historical figures" in world parameters. I've seen these quite often in v0.40, v0.42 and v0.43 while using this option, and not just only in kills list, also in siege info:

"A: 1 pale brown fiend, 4 trolls, 11 goblins, 2 unknown creatures, 19 losses"
"D: 8 humans, 11 unknown creatures, 6 losses"

"Part of Licsesta, The Strifeful Conflict"
"In the early spring of 1, The Yellow Wraith attacked The Wispy Help of The Amazing Mind at Dancejudged. The pale brown fiend Arido Kingbrain the Regal General led the attack, and the defenders were led by an unknown creature."

"In the late spring of 3, the body of an unknown creature was impaled on a plum wood spear by The Yellow Wraith in Dancejudged."
2017-09-03 13:43   
If you tell the game to delete information about "unimportant" creatures it isn't very surprising that the game cannot later provide that information to "flesh out" legends encounters.

If the game is reporting "unknown creatures" with culling disabled then that would presumably be a bug in creature tracking. Otherwise, the only problem I see here is "Unknown creatureUnknown Creature", likely arising from an attempt to combine two different creature data fields.