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0005428Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2012-02-24 04:202014-01-26 10:10
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0005428: Undead invaders recieve burial
The undead dwarves from an undead seige were automatically buried after being re-killed.
Create a fortress near a necromancer tower and get beseiged by undead. Re-kill the invaders and then build some burial receptacles.
related to 0001156confirmed Footkerchief Dead berserk dwarves are treated like outsiders, don't get burial 
related to 0005961new  Reanimated parts gets a coffin each 
has duplicate 0005679resolved Footkerchief dwarf zombies from necromancer sieges retain citizenship 
has duplicate 0005909resolved Footkerchief Dwarf Corpses fill up all the coffins 
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It sounds like proper behaviour respect the dead, probably tormented dwarves + even for practical reasons it is a good idea to put redead zombie inside coffin rather than leave it in a rubbish dump.

2012-04-03 09:52   
I would prefer that this behavior be optional. Even a medium sized undead siege can consume a non trivial amount of coffins. Having to devote an entire Z level to burial for dwarves who have never set foot in your fortress is a hassle.