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0005457Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2012-02-26 07:122012-03-05 15:52
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0005457: Swarm of 188 Giant mosquitoes
My current fort got a swarm of 188 giant mosquitos.
Toady said it would be fixed in this version, but its still there.

Heres the save http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5699 [^]
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duplicate of 0005051resolved Toady One Giant mosquitoes don't stop spawning -- 172 on map 
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2012-02-26 07:17   
by fixed in this version i think he means it wont happen anymore, not that it will just disappear off your map wile its already there.
2012-02-26 07:35   
Reminder sent to: Kaet

Did you copy over raws from a 0.34.01 or a save created in 0.34.01?
2012-02-26 07:40   
This world was made in the new version.
Only thing not vanilla is I use Mayday graphics.
I might have copied some raws to put the graphics pack on the newer version before mayday did it himself.
Not sure if that might be it.
2012-02-26 07:47   
that could be the cause, graphic sets and tile sets arnt too hard to install manually really but it does involve editing init.txt
2012-02-26 08:05   
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Xotano, this doesn't have anything to do with init.txt.

Kaet, I downloaded your save and yeah, your raws (specifically your c_variation_default.txt) are the 0.34.01 version. Since this bug was caused by a problem in the raws, using old raws means you re-introduced the bug into your installation. You can probably fix this in your current save by overwriting that file with the 0.34.02 version of the file. There's a small chance that could mess up your save, but since it's already on DFFD, you can re-download it if something goes wrong.