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0005520Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Burialpublic2012-03-01 05:342012-03-05 04:47
Toady One 
0005520: Vampires memorial name doesn't match alias
Basically if a vampire is burned (magma, dragon, etc) you need to memorialize him.
Problem is the ghost maintains his "Alias" name. The engravers list gets his "Vampire" name.
good luck matching those up and trying to pull him off the list.
This results in vampire ghosts running around killing random dwarves because you can't figure out which name belongs to the ghost.
kill a vampire and leave no body
look at the memorial engraving list
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Toady One   
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I made ghosts shed all secret identities for now... there's always a jarring point somewhere without further exposition, but this should work for now.