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Apple MacBook IntelMac OS X10.6.7
0005537: Reproducible Adv. Mode crash - on "zoom in" and "out" (general key binding)
When "Zooming In" in Adventure Mode the game crashes. Seems to zoom out fine, but after a couple of zooms in, the game freezes. Only happen in full-screen.
Just use the keys to Zoom In and Out from the "General" Keybindings menu. Game will freeze almost immediately.

<start example>

Resizing font to 12x18
Resizing font to 14x21
Resizing font to 16x24
src/g_src/ttf_manager.cpp:139: failed assertion `pixel_width >= ttf_width'
/Users/~my~name~here~/Desktop/df_osx/df: line 12: 4009 Abort trap ./dwarfort.exe

</ example>

I am playing version 0.34.04 on an apple laptop. I changed the keybinding for "general" - "zoom in" and "zoom out" to "right bracket" and "left bracket" respectively (for easier laptop play). I 've tested it over and over again, but haven't reset the keybindings to see if that's affecting it ('cause I can't remember the defults).

Additional additional Information: You guys make one of the greatest computer games IN THE WORLD!!!
adventure mode, adventurer mode, zoom in, zoom out
related to 0002750resolved Baughn Crash when zooming in Windowed mode (TrueType related) 
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PS. Bug is only produced in Adventurer Mode.
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*I think this report would be better placed in the "Techical-General" category. I don't know who deals with these things but, sorry >;3

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You can edit your notes rather than making multiple notes in quick succession.

Are you using TrueType? Based on your report I suspect you are. Try disabling switching off TrueType in the init.txt file.

Are you playing with the game windowed or full-screen? To me this sounds like an adventure mode version 0002750.
2012-04-14 14:52   
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