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Mithril Leaf 
Toady One 
0005549: Game crashes from traders bringing seeds in wool bags
I have a save that's in year 2 on mid-summer. If you progress about 10 seconds into the save, the game completely crashes with nothing in the error log. I played fine previously to this. I am using the Legends Of The Forlorn Realms, although I believe that is unrelated.
I have uploaded the save to mediafire, it is available here:
http://www.mediafire.com/?golfuqdkp5uda7l [^]
1. Place the region into your save folder on version 0.34.04 as per normal copying
2. Load the game and allow it to progress
3. After approximately 10-15 seconds, the game will crash
It originated on my Arch Linux box, but I had my friend who is running Windows 7 test it as well. He had the same result.
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2012-03-04 20:13   
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It would be better if you re-host your save on the DFFD.

Also, although I'm somewhat unfamiliar with Linux, are there any errors that appear in the terminal after it crashes?

Edit: also are you using Truetype? If so try disabling it.

Toady One   
2012-03-05 03:18   
There was a crash from traders bringing seeds if they only had wool bags available, apparently. The human traders arrive now.