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0005591: Caravan paths through shallow lake and drowns
-I embarked on a lake, with separate bits of land to the north, west and east.

-After starting on the north, I moved across to the east and built my depot there (with access to the eastern edge of the map).

-All caravans still come in from the north, with their wagons, despite having no clear overland path to the depot. They then proceed to try crossing the lake (only 1z deep), and fail.

-Wagons come up as "deceased" in the units list, and then after a while the animals that pull the wagons go beserk/melancholy/etc and die.

-See picture: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24097132/Untitled-2.jpg [^]
I have used DF Hack (the liquids tool), but I think this was happening before, and I also didn't use the tool anywhere near where the caravans are.
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related to 0005158resolved Toady One Dwarves try to cross the edge of waterfalls because water is shallower there, get swept over 
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