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0005594Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2012-03-09 13:302012-03-28 04:48
Toady One 
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0005594: Dwarves attempt to pasture undead animals
Undead animals that were once assigned to pasture will keep being assigned to it when thralled by evil weather.
They are even still listed in pasture animal list with their new undead name.
I'm not sure if this affects their ability to move when undisturbed.
Settle in evil area
Pasture some animals outside
Keep dwarves inside, so that there are any non-thralled dwarves
Wait for thralling weather effect
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2012-03-25 15:25   
I appear to have the same issue, but with the following additions:

-The undead dog has "(Tam)" appended to its name using v->highlight.
-Its name does not show up in the pasture animal list.
-Removing all pastures and creating a new one doesn't prevent a pasture job for it from being created.