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0005598Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2012-03-09 22:492014-09-02 15:31
Toady One 
0005598: Town shops/cabinets contain human-sized clothes regardless of size of actual residents
Clothing that appears on the bodies of non-human sized creatures have the proper size, however, any clothing (or armor) that appears in dressers or other not-on-body locations appear to be made in a "default" size that fits humans, even when they are not clothing that humans can wear.

This problem comes up when you have dwarves, goblins, or elves living in towns and cities in vanilla. However, it is far more pronounced when you use modding to try to create, for example, dwarves that live in cities so that you can buy dwarven armor, or if you create a wholly new race.
The simplest way would be to simply alter the size of humans, gen a new world, and look through some dressers.

I also have a save, if that is faster for you (link also has screen caps): http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5833 [^]
This occurs even in hamlets consisting only of that one race, and even if they are generating clothing custom modded in for that race and civ, which are not available to humans.
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2012-03-10 07:31   
I can confirm this.
I have modded dwarves to live in towns, and the dwarven towns I visited had a majority of dwarves, but:
-ALL types of shops contain ONLY human-sized clothes/armor
-cabinets in houses contain ONLY human-sized clothes

Only castles, keeps and tombs contain dwarf-sized clothes/armor
2012-03-10 07:49   
Mostly a duplicate of 0005577, but this one has a few more details.
2012-03-12 18:48   
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As an aside, this exacerbates some problems with the way that you cannot create custom races to have custom clothing. In that mod, I have a serpentine race which isn't supposed to be able to wear pants, and wears things like "tail warmers" instead... and when I go into the sewers, I find elven bandits wearing "tail warmers" on their feet.

I should point out that the tails of these nagas are roughly half their body size, and as such WAY too big to make a tail warmer into a sock.

Toady One   
2014-08-29 12:41   
There is an extent to which this is an extension of the unfinished trade stuff. I've fixed it to some degree, but there will continue to be problems for a long while, since it is very tricky to manage the items and make them regenerate properly in the face of changing populations etc.