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0005795Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Saving/Loadingpublic2012-04-09 19:122012-04-12 06:26
WindowsWindows 7
0005795: In version 34.05 and 34.06 I have started a fort, saved, and then DF crashes when I try to load the save.
I haven't played DF for a while. I waited for the major recent release. I made a (Dwarf Fortress) game in 34.03 or 04 which worked, then I made a game in 34.05. I started a game, played for a few hours, saved, and left. When I tried to reload the game, I got a message that, "DF has stopped working."

I then started a game in 34.06, played for a while, saved and reloaded the game a few times, and then the save bugged again.

I use the Phoebus Graphic Set (I download the combined set to get the game), I did not change any init.text or anything like that.

I looked for problems that might be similar, and its possible its a safe compression problem, but I do not receive that kind of error message.

I did recently install some antivirus software, but I added DF to the exception lists.
I started a new 34.06, embarked, saved, loaded, quit the game and restarted, loaded, and it worked fine. So the save does not immediately corrupt.
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6142 [^] Here is the save file for my 34.06 game.

Thank you for anyone's help :)
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duplicate of 0002017acknowledged Loci Using COMPRESSED_SAVES causes save corruption on some systems 
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2012-04-09 19:56   
Does the same crash occur when you load it into version 0.34.07 (i.e. the current version)?
2012-04-10 16:12   
Yes it does.
2012-04-11 11:52   
Have you tried disabling COMPRESSED_SAVES in init.txt?
2012-04-11 12:21   
I'll try that. I assume that if that is the problem my current save is UN-salvageable? I'll try playing with uncompressed saves and if I get the same problem I'll re-post here.
2012-04-12 06:25   
Alright. If that happens, please reopen this report.