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0005820Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Burialpublic2012-04-20 10:002012-04-21 16:57
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0005820: Ghosts in jail cannot be removed
My miner was accused of murder and imprisioned. He died in imprisionment and his ghost haunted the cage (which is somehow empty). After removing the cage the ghost stays where the cage used to be.

The ghost does not show up in the engrave slab menu but I do have two 'blank' entries. Neither of these being engraved and placed caused the ghost to leave.
1. Jail dwarf
2. Let dwarf die in jail
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duplicate of 0003708resolved Toady One Ghost names that can't be engraved on a slab and nameless slab engravings 
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Un-engravable names were fixed in 0.34.07 as 0003708. Your report is for version 0.34.06. Please reopen this report if your problem persists in 0.34.07.