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0005943: A single stone is being completely ignored.
A single stone is being ignored by the game. I was clearing out my fortress, and on the last few stones, I took off the dump on them, as I needed dwarves elsewhere. Later, I redesignated them for dump. All of the stones were dumped, except a single phyllite stone. If I set it to dump, no dwarves come to take it. It is not forbidden. I even forbid every other stone (Starting fortress, so not many), and the jobs were all cancelled: No non-economic stone found.
This has happened before, though only with dumping. Designate an area to be dumped, and the last few stones were not dumped, no matter what. The dwarves could and did use them, however.
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related to 0001027resolved Toady One Items tied up by suspended jobs don't have the TSK indicator 
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Is it possible that the stone was designated for a job or construction? If the game has it flagged for another purpose, the dwarves won't move it.
2012-05-23 20:44   
Do you have any suspended constructions? Does the stone have TSK next to its name in the [k] cursor view? If not, please upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2012-05-24 04:30   
It does. What does would that mean?
2012-05-24 06:09   
That means that it is queued to be used for a task (TSK), most likely a construction. Like Footkerchief said, check your [J]obs page to see if you have any suspended jobs and reactivate them.