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0005973Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2012-05-30 08:292014-07-30 09:51
Toady One 
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0005973: Announcements that invisible cavern items have been stolen on reclaimed fort
so yeah, i discovered the underground caverns, then walled them back up after exploring a little for safety. i then lost my fort, reclaimed it, and now have had giant moles and giant rats stealing food that i cant see (as the caverns were walled up before i reclaimed my lost fort.

two notes:
1) i used the [d]-[b]-[c] method to reclaim all items in the fort; placing the first corner in the top left of a very high Z-level, the second in the bottom-right of a very low z-level (beyond where i had previously explored, knowing i still had some items down there that i couldnt physically see).

and 2) the items stolen were 'PRESERVED prepared (insert cave food stuff)[5]', which could possibly mean they have been stolen from hidden underground civilisations/beasties.
knowing i had many prepared meals in the reclaimed fort i opted to bring less food, and i only know of underground civs 'preserve'-ing food.

either way, it's a very minor bug, but a bug nonetheless.
presumably - descover underground caverns, find giant rat/mole/etc, wall up caverns, lose fort, reclaim fort, reclaim items, wait....
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sidenote - neither the giant rats, giant moles, or the food they're stealing appear anywhere in the 'stocks' screen.
2012-05-31 07:12   
and it's now also told me a 'forgotten beast is no longer enraged'. obviously, i didnt get the alert that one had arrived, and it's not in the units screen. nor can i 'zoom' to it. it's also not of the same name as previous forgotten beasts that have been killed whilst enraged or something similar, so can only presume it's underground

looking around the bug tracker, it seems to be exactly the [0000668] bug, but for reclaimed forts.