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Knight Otu 
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0006181: water buffalos starving to death no matter the size of the pasture
ive been noticing this since the new update and have usually just butchered off all my water buffalos soon as i get them but i might as well drop this in the threads and maybe get it out there. in the last version i was able to maintain a good sized herd of water buffalo in a max size pasture, but since going from 34.07 to 34.11 i have noticed that my water buffalo are in a perpetual state of hunger and after about a year in game i get the announcement that watter buffalo has been found starved to death, i know having a large herd in a single pasture can cause this but in a max size pasture currently i had 3 water buffalo and they all slowly starved. currently have a single water buffalo in the pasture and its hunger bar is always showing
put water buffalo in a max size pasture
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duplicate of 0004113resolved Toady One Large grazers (elephants and giraffes) can't eat fast enough to keep from starving 
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This looks like a duplicate of 0004113.

Edit: Thanks for the tip!

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Pet: put a # in front of the bug number.

kreeper: Dumb question probably, but I assume the pastures are always in grassy areas?

Otherwise I assume this is a duplicate of 0004113. Water buffalo have [GRAZER:60] which according to research posted in that report is too low a value to allow them to keep up with their own metabolism. The workaround for now is to edit creature_domestic.txt in the object raws to have all grazer values 100 or higher.
2012-08-30 00:56   
ya they were in a grass pasture above ground then once i breached the cave system i moved all the animals underground for safety reasons
2012-08-30 02:45   
on a side note, will altering the grazing raws effect current worlds or will i have to regenerate?
Knight Otu   
2012-08-30 04:07   
Okay, I'll resolve this as a duplicate, then.

Kreeper, as long as you change the raws of the save file, changing the Grazer value should work.