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0006206Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2012-09-20 12:182014-07-29 09:16
Toady One 
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0006206: GIANT creature variation does not add [CHILD:x] tag, giant sized vermin incapable of breeding
i have been capturing alot of giant insects in a terrifying biome and other maps and have noticed that my giant: mosquito, toad, louse, jumping spider. etc. are not breeding, is there a way to breed them? they have great food production capability but no breeding capability. is there a way to get them to start breeding?
capture animals and certain species will not propagate
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The problem is that those are giant versions of vermin, and no vermin specify the [CHILD:x] tag - since the "GIANT" creature variation does not add it (and neither do any of those giant creatures), none of them will ever be capable of breeding.
2012-09-21 05:01   
is there a way to get these to breed? i had a friend send the raw for a giant cave spider to breed but i havent captured a male female pair yet to test it, and also since having the GCS eggs put into the game, "i can buy them from caravans" my dwarves do not use them to cook is there a way to fix that as well?