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0006287Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2013-01-28 13:482016-05-16 12:46
Toady One 
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Windows 7
0006287: If animal stockpile overlaps assigned pasture zone, animals are not taken out of cages
I caught a buzzard in a cage trap.

It was duly hauled to the animal stockpile.

Animal stockpile is right next to nest boxes.

Most of the 11x11 room is bird pasture around the nest boxes. There's also an indoor (non-)garbage dump zone and animal training zone.

Since birds don't need food or anything, large part of the stockpile and pasture overlap.

The buzzard was in the overlapping area.

I told the dworfs to tame it and once it was half-tamed I told them to get it out to the bird pasture.

Nothing happened. The buzzard reverted back to wild. Assignment menu showed it to be on the pasture and not in a cage. But it was still in the cage.

I finally assigned it to a different pasture to roost on a cow.

It got dragged over right away.
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related to 0004475resolved Toady One Animals with two location assignments -> Infinite hauling 
has duplicate 0008337resolved Footkerchief Deassigned creature from cage on Pasture and assigning to Pasture causes creature not to be released 
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2014-02-21 10:25   
Confirmed. This also occurs when the cage is in a depot or placed in a pasture any other way (e.g. by dumping and unforbidding).
2015-01-20 13:29   
Still in 40.24.

I have placed pen zone over animal stockpile and assigned dog (inside pen) and turkey (outside pen) to it. Only turkey got out while both showed as assigned to that pen.