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0006343Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2013-06-21 11:142014-10-31 13:47
Toady One 
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0006343: Caravans brings small animals/vermin that immediately escape their cages
This is what my announcements log looks like right now:

An elven caravan from Omo Delfini has arrived!
(tame bat) has flown its way out of confinement!
(tame bat) has flown its way out of confinement!

The escapes happen within only a few ticks of the pack animal's arrival.

I'm not sure how to reproduce this, and I unfortunately don't have a prior save to upload. This has happened two years in a row, though, so I'll make sure to get a save before the next caravan comes.
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related to 0006117resolved Toady One Vermin can only escape from artifact animal traps 
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2013-06-22 09:04   
You are using a patched version of Dwarf Fortress which fixes bug 0006117, and that particular fix happens to induce the behavior you are observing.
2013-06-22 23:55   
I'm leaving this open as a child of the other report so that if the fix is applied the same as the patch, Toady can delve further into it.
2014-08-04 14:59   
Changed title due to a number of reports of this behavior in 0.40.xx.
2014-08-04 20:39   
This is currently expected given the fix of 0006117 and mentioned there as a side-effect by Quietust 0006117:0023312.