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0006517Dwarf FortressMaterial Propertiespublic2014-06-28 10:392016-05-18 15:07
Toady One 
0006517: Dragonfire ignores metals
When dragonfire touches objects lying on the ground or part of buildings, it rapidly heats them up toward a temperature of 50000, quickly causing them to melt or boil away.

However, metal items appear to be totally unaffected, remaining at room temperature.
In Arena mode, create three columns in a row with a suitable amount of space between them.

On the left column, place a Dragon.
On the right column, place a fire-immune creature (such as a blizzard man)
On the center column, place an object made of iron.

Monitoring the object's temperature will reveal that it gradually cools to around 10037 (or whatever the Arena's ambient temperature happens to be).

Next, remove the IS_METAL flag from Iron's material definition and repeat the experiment. The iron object will instantly melt.

Using DFHack, this can be made much more noticeable by clearing the IS_METAL flag in memory, triggering an immediate result.
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2014-06-28 11:03   
This behavior appears to date back to, treating metal objects as FIREIMMUNE_SUPER; back in version, such items were only immune to "normal" fire breath.
2014-08-04 22:03   
Dragonfire also ignores water, does not raise ambient temperatures, and is ineffective against non-dragonfire-safe buildings which block the tile (like closed doors).