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0006542Dwarf FortressArenapublic2014-07-07 19:562014-07-07 20:12
Windows 7 64 bitHome Premium SP1
0006542: Blocking Causes Crashes
I was testing the new combat features in the arena when I discovered a bug regarding blocking.

I created an independent giant ranked as a grand master in all skills, and gave him an adamantine battleaxe and adamantine shield. I then created four dwarves proficient in fighting, swordsmanship, wrestling, striking, kicking, biting, dodging, and shield use. I gave them steel short swords and steel shields and listed them as friendly so that they were one team fighting the giant, which I then took control of. I killed the first dwarf, then started fighting with the second dwarf. After hacking at his lower body with my battleaxe, he was still alive and tried to strike at me with my steel shield. I decided to test out the blocking feature that came up when I pressed 'a.' Upon selecting block, the game promptly crashed.
I tested this again with the same setup but swapped the adamantine shield for a steel shield to test whether the shields were the issue, and got the same results each time; blocking with either an adamantine or steel shield in hand (and I seem to be unable to produce a block option without a shield) causes the game to crash instantly. Dodging seems perfectly functional but blocking specifically is game-breaking.
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duplicate of 0006538resolved Toady One Crashed while blocking in arena mode 
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