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0006560: War Dogs appear to run from themselves in terror
New small world, fresh embark. I tried my usual no pick, bring ore and stone method, which includes three dogs that train for war as early defenses while I get a defensive wall build up. This time, things got weird.

While the masons worked on blocks, one of the two farmers started training the three dogs for war. As each dog became a war dog, it started running away in terror (dark blue ! and the [k] status showed it was "consumed by terror" iirc).

I wasn't able to do more to check this other than verify there were no dangerous creatures in the immediate vicinity (none of the dwarves were being interrupted or terrified of anything) as the game crashed to desktop at this point.
Should be nothing more than embark, create pasture zone for the dogs to train in, assign dogs to that zone, and train them for war from the [z] animals menu.
Reduced pop-cap, set display to 80x50 windowed, and changed the tileset to Talryth_square_15x15.png, but otherwise it is a raw vanilla 0.40.01 game.
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has duplicate 0006589resolved Footkerchief Training wardogs break others. 
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I didn't get a save of the first game (unhappy with that for other reasons), but I was able to embark on the same spot again (it didn't save any of what I did the first time).

Training the dogs for war reproduced the problem. The first dog seems okay, and changed from a brown d to a grey one, but the second dog broke free from training is and now "Overcome by terror!"

The training message to the announcements is "Alath Gusilnish, Peasant cancels Train stray Dog (Tame) for War: No creature." I'm assuming this is because the dog is overcome by terror and has run from the pasture.

I've uploaded the save here: http://loki.koboldi.net/DF40-TerrifiedDog.zip [^]

edit: one other bit of info that might matter. in the first run-through there was a deep collapse at embark, probably near the magma sea though I forgot to check what z-level it was on. The second time I embarked on the same spot I did not get that collapse, so I don't know if the crash is related to that or not. Hopefully my uploaded save will answer that when in the hands of someone with the right tools to check it. ;)

2014-07-08 21:36   
Loaded the fort: There are several platypus men/women currently around the dogs. One dog charges them and attacks, another (the war dog) runs away in fear.
2014-07-09 16:18   
This fits with what happened in my new fort, where I intentionally did not train the dogs. They went and destroyed a snake man in short order (one dog getting a name) all without running in fear of anything. Its definitely something that changes when they get trained.
2014-07-09 18:02   
sounds like their behaviour may be inverted.. untrained dogs normally run unless cornered
2014-07-24 06:21   
This looks to have been corrected in either 40.03 or 40.04. Trained war dogs in 40.04 aren't running from each other/themselves.
2014-07-24 06:28