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0000663Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Generalpublic2010-04-06 15:072010-06-13 13:21
0000663: some workshops pop up a wierd menu when attempting to add a new job
I have noticed this on magma forges, forges, and craftshops. I don't recall this ever happening to any other workshops, but it may for all i know.

Sometimes, when selecting a craftshop, or forge and hitting (a) to add a new creation task, rather than popping up a list of possible things to make, it will pop up a short list of jobs which are all 'unknown material unknown type' or something similar. hitting [ESC] or [SPACE] to back out goes to the real of jobs, so this doesn't really impair gameplay at all, its just confusing.

This doesn't happen terribly often, but its happened enough times, on multiple forts, that I'm not surprised or concerned when it does, I would say about 20 times in 10 hours of play. The next time it happens, I'm going to try designating some of those tasks to see what happens.

I'm sure others will have had this happen to them, but its so minor, I didn't think to post it until now.
1) play a fort
2) build things at craftshops and/or forges
3) eventually this will happen to you
unknown material
duplicate of 0000275resolved Toady One After queuing silk item at clothier's shop, "Make unknown material Crafts" at craftsdwarf's workshop 
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ok i was playing and it happened again, this time I ordered the craftshop to make some "unknown material crafts" "unknown material toys" and "unknown material instruments" at which point a hauler with woodcrafting enabled ran over and started making no-material items out of thin air.

only the "unknown material goblets" actually create anything (no-material goblets), the other jobs take a few seconds and produce nothing at all.
2010-04-12 06:46   
I have also seen this, on a crafting workshop, and have taken a screenshot of the workshop menu. Subsequent access of the workshop gave the correct menu. This has happened to me twice so far, once each in two different worlds. It was on the initial access this time, and it may have been so the other time.

Both times, the only portion of the menu displayed was the Rock portion, with the phrase "unknown material" in place of the word rock in the menu selections.
2010-04-12 09:24   
I have seen this once myself, no idea what caused it. It was not on the first time viewing the craft shop job list either, was closer to the third.

2010-04-12 09:27   
Confirmed on my end as well. Also sometimes I'll press "a" and the list will be completely blank. Hitting escape and doing it over fixes it.

It's actually so easily fixed that sometimes I think I just pressed the wrong button.

It happened to me with the forge as well
2010-04-12 19:49   
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This happened to me. I had designated two craftdwarf shops to be built by someone with no skill in stone crafting. Upon completion I attempted to create stone crafts but the 'Unknown Material: <insert craft here>' menu came up. I couldn't get it to work and accessing the shop multiple times didn't change it. I was able to restart and access the correct menu.

This was in 31.02 with DFG 25

2010-04-12 23:36   
Definitely had this happen in a glassforge.