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0006669Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2014-07-08 10:282014-07-10 10:26
Toady One 
0006669: Game freezes on entering ocean.
I was planning to swim across a bay in adventure mode, upon entering the water I was no longer able to enter commands. Time continued to move (I could see waves moving over my head) and I would have eventually died of dehydration, but I force quit. (My adventurer was at 'dehydrated' by this point). I reloaded the save, returned to the ocean, and when trying to cross a one tile wide inlet the same bug occurred: one step in it freezes.
Go to sea, try to swim.
First occurrence I had no companions, second time I had two. Exactly the same bug.
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I had this exact thing happen to me, though I wasn't so patient as to wait to become dehydrated.
2014-07-10 04:02   
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I have tested this in a large lake and have found it happens there as well.

The freeze up seems to happen exactly when you swim over a downwards ramp in the water below you, that seems to be what triggers the bug.

I tried jumping off a cliff where the water is immediately deeper than one level, and it did not freeze my game. When I tried going upwards by using an underwater ramp the game was fine as well. However, when I swam directly up to the surface without a ramp, the game froze again.

My guess is that having a z level of water under your current position is what triggers the bug.