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0000675Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-04-06 17:132014-03-26 02:03
0000675: forced immigration
after getting overwhelmed with immigrants and being unable to keep up with booze and zood production, i decided to go back to the ultimate difficulty setup i used back in the previous version.

in the entity raw, set the max pop for the civ to 1 and max civs to 1. this used to make the civ die out in worldgen and you would get no immigrants and no caravans.

i also set the max pop for the fortress in the init.txt file to 1, which also used to deny immigrants.

however i am still getting immigrants, despite all these settings, and i get between 5 an 15 immigrants per wave.

tested on both a clean install and the modded version ive been working on with a custom civ species.
Fortress Mode, immigrants
duplicate of 0000670resolved Loci Migrants arrive although all Dwarven Civilizations are extinct 
duplicate of 0002922resolved Toady One Population Cap not working 
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