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0006987Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2014-07-10 17:032014-07-29 12:39
Toady One 
0006987: Blind NPC can still see you, even when sneaking.
I was testing out some syndromes and it appears that blind NPCs can still see you, and still have a vision arc.
1.)Create a syndrome with [CE_IMPAIR_FUNCTION:SEV:100:PROB:100:BP:BY_CATEGORY:EYE:ALL:START:1:PEAK:5:END:20]
2.)Blind a guy in the arena
3.)Check his vision
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duplicate of 0006938resolved Toady One Eye damage doesn't affect vision arcs 
related to 0001297resolved Toady One Eye injuries always heal, don't cause vision impairment 
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2014-07-10 17:05   
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My mistake, this is in 40.01, haven't updated yet.
EDIT: Ok, now he seems to not see me, after exiting my character, taking control of his to make double sure the blindness was on, then switching back. Very strange.

EDIT2:My bad here, it appears that syndromes can take a bit of time to kick in in adventurer. I seem to have just managed to get the guy on a bad tick 4 or 5 times in a row so he kept chasing me for a while. Sorry about that.

However the vision arcs do remain, as with gouged eyes.

Toady One   
2014-07-29 12:39   
Yeah, I tested out the blindness part, and that works, but I've removed the vision arc display for next time.