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Toady One 
0007581: Tree growth is too fast.
Embarked on a 4x4 forest , all dwarves where equipped with Axes and started chopping down the trees.

Eventually another bunch of immigrants came totalling 13 woodcutters. All where designed to chop down every single tree.

After about 75% of the original trees where cut down half the map had regrown in 2 Z layers , again these trees where put to the Axe and once these where cut down more or less the same number of trees had appeared. The trees growth is allways 2 z layers and then in some time gains another layer.

Basically it was impossible to clear the area of trees as they seemed to regrown faster than the Dwarves was able to cut them down , the dwarves had no lack of wood and in the first year the amount of wood had spiked into several thousand units.
1 : Embark into Heavily wooden forest area.
2 : Assign every single dwarf to woodcutting.
3 : Mark every single tree on map to be put to the axe
4 : Watch as most of the trees pops up again in little time.
Although its logical that trees will regrown over time, this happened in mere weeks / months. Tree growth needs to be adjusted so that it takes longer to grow from sappling to young tree etc and that the Z layer (height) does not happen as fast either.

Also there needs to be some adjustments so that an area can be effectively cleared even of the "young" sappling.
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It's also much too dense. Tree growths at the moment look like they don't check for biome at all, so even starting out in a sparse savanna will produce the Lost Woods in less than a year of game time. I suspect, this is part of the same problem.

Toady One   
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Looks like a factor of 10!