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0007752Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2014-07-30 19:372014-08-01 21:19
Windows x64Windows8.1
0007752: Crash possibly due to pathing/job outside fortress
After surviving a necromancer invasion, upon completion of my drawbridge, the game promptly crashes every time. This happens two days after loading (on the 25th).

If I cancel the construction of the drawbridge, the game will run without crashing seemingly forever, until I unforbid the only door leading outside the fortress, whereupon the game will usually crash within a day or two.
1. Load up this save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25227825/tmp/%21region3.zip [^]
2. Unpause the game.
3. It should crash on 252/03/25

To bypass the crash, just cancel the construction of the drawbridge you see when you load the save. If you later unforbid the nearby door leading outside, the game should promptly crash again.
I'm using PeridexisErrant LNP r65.

I've reproduced this bug on another computer (Win 7 x64) with the same results.
0.34.11, reproducible, Save Included
duplicate of 0006242resolved Toady One Crash from destroyed minecart still assigned to route 
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If anyone manages to find out exactly what is causing this crash-- and a work around, so I can continue this fort, I'd really appreciate it :)
2014-08-01 16:04   
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I looked at the other confirmed crash bugs to see if I couldn't find some hint as to my crash and I did: 0006242: Crash from destroyed minecart still assigned to route

A thief stole one cart and that made the game crash not long after, when my dwarves were able to get back outside after a siege.

Deleting the route fixed the crash.

This ticket can be marked ticket as duplicate/related to 0006242

2014-08-01 21:19   
Thanks! Also, reports for 0.34.11 are generally not useful at this point -- lots of bugs have been fixed since then.