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0007935Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2014-08-10 13:082014-08-10 13:43
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0007935: human caravan comes to depot 2 wagons remain ontop of depot and do not unpack and then leave without unpacking at normal time
1. the human caravan from [civ] has arrived
2. wagons approach depot
3. wagons attempt to procreate with depot
4. wagons sit ontop of the same 3x3 tile and never unpack
>attempt to trade
>my apologies we're still unloading
it states that the human caravan will be leaving soon
i attempt to trade again and the caravans are still directly on the depot and it still says their unloading their cargo please wait
they shortly leave without ever unpacking
build depot
have human caravan show up
attempt to trade
does not allways happen
has happend 3 times before in previous version
this was on a depot outside on grass in the rain don't know if that makes any difference had this happen indoors aswell on 34.11
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duplicate of 0005351resolved Toady One Wagons don't unload fast enough to allow trading, may need NO_THOUGHT_CENTER_FOR_MOVEMENT 
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