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0007966Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2014-08-11 17:322017-06-01 21:02
Toady One 
Windows 8
0007966: Kobold cave with no Kobolds or scattered loot
I decided to visit a kobold cave which, according to legends viewer, has 877 Kobolds, but it's completely empty, no kobolds, not even any scattered loot and trinkets.

I did give kobolds normal speech, but that shouldn't have affected anything....
Random? I don't really know.
Savefile: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9363 [^] I'm at the cave on the surface.
adventurer mode, Cave, kobold, site
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2014-08-11 17:33   
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Edit: Actually, the title should be clarified to Kobold cave that is supposed to have kobolds has none, no loot either. Unless you guys think the title makes enough sense.

2015-02-21 13:13   
Still seeing this bug. Tested by modding in adventurer kobolds, consistent lack of fellow kobolds. Relationship screen will also show that I know several kobolds that can't ever be found.
2015-10-28 07:48   
Highly belatedly, I found a small workaround. Kobolds are the only civilization to have NO positions. Neither per-defined ones nor generated via entity tokens.

Adding a basic site-level "chieftain" position causes the cave to be surrounded by tents, with military kobolds inhabiting the general area. Modded-in kobold adventurers will also be able to actually find the people on their relationship screen.

Sadly, all of the kobolds I've seen via this method are duty-bound and can't be recruited.
2015-10-28 12:01   
Heh, when you added adventurer kobolds, chaosvolt, none was home because all those kobolds started adventuring and journeyed to far countries.
2015-10-29 21:17   
Then again, adventurer kobolds do have MORE issues to deal with. Obviously their entity has to be modded to allow you to play them, plus I'm quite certain you have to suppliment the utterances tag with intelligent or they'll implode in glorious lunacy.
2017-05-28 10:01   
Toady said in latest dev post that he's working on making kobold caves work with artifact retrieval. Any word on relation to this bug?