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0007979Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2014-08-12 18:192015-10-24 22:26
Toady One 
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0007979: Dwarf targeted by military after releasing enemy from cage
When pitting a goblin, a dwarf became scared and ran away from it, effectively releasing it.

Then, said dwarf started causing job cancelations and other dwarves started attacking him. I couldn't target him with my military kill order but stationing my military dwarves near him made them kill him.

Tried it again and it happened again. I did successfully pit two goblins and the bug happened two other times.

I could still control the dwarves and they kept trying to go about their business after they had stopped panicking. They were buried in coffins.
Have goblins in cages, try to pit them. The cage was 3 or 4 steps away from the pit. Perhaps stockpiling right next to the pit will solve this.
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2014-08-12 18:25   
Are you sure you're running 0.40.08? This was supposedly fixed in 0.40.06 (0007611).
2014-08-12 18:35   
100% sure, I waited for it for ages. And it's a whole new game, no old saves. Love the sieges. As for this, which someone posted on that other bug:

While playing around with the bug, I noticed two interesting things:
1) When the released enemy is killed, all fighting stops.
2) Those who were attacked do not appear to retaliate against their attackers.

Killing the released enemy didn't fix it for me. I killed the gobbos first but they still attacked the dwarf.
2014-08-14 12:46   
(edited on: 2014-08-14 15:40)
Edit: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9392 [^]

Some interesting things.

) This doesn't look like 0007407, where the hauler was immediately interrupted every time.

) Long distance hauling is still unwise, as enemies can escape.

) This doesn't appear to affect undead units, which can be hauled w/o problem.

) Military will attack the hauler on sight if the hauling job is active or the hauler has an active terror flag.

) Terror flag is active as long as the hauler can see any other units (hostile or not).

) Hauler (with flag) will also terrify other units as if it was hostile.

2014-08-18 10:48   
In regards to the previous comment:
I think it does affect undead units. I just tried to pit an elf axeman corpse invader 1z lvl down for my waiting military.
As soon as my hauler freed the elf he was struck down by military dwarfs, who were stationed on the top level just in case. The elf was also not pitted, probably because the hauler died first.

The version is 40.09, although the save was originally from 40.05.
2014-08-22 00:13   
(edited on: 2014-08-22 11:36)
This is definitely still the case as of a new fort from 40.09. It seems that if a dwarf releases a goblin from a cage, even to pit it, that dwarf is now considered a bad guy. I lost my queen this way in my current fortress. (Not necessarily a bad thing, at least it wasn't my legendary armorsmith, but still...)

Queen tried pitting the goblin, queen got scared and ran away, military killed goblin, then military killed queen. If it makes any difference, the queen's thoughts during the time between the goblin's death and her own were "I must retreat" or something similar.

edit: "I must withdraw!" were among her final thoughts during combat. Here is the save from shortly after she was killed, perhaps a few in-game days, if it will help at all. The combat reports for both the goblin's death and the queen's death - she was the Bone Carver - are still visible.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9486 [^]

2014-08-25 16:22   
(edited on: 2014-08-25 16:24)
I am also seeing this bug in 40.10. My save originates from 40.08 or thereabouts.

I'd managed to pit a few goblins into my fighting pit, but after a few successes this bug bit one of my dwarves. I've locked him into the cage hall for now and we'll see what can be done about it...

Toady One   
2014-08-26 14:44   
I might have fixed this now, but it's difficult to confirm that without a save. The minotaur save I have didn't reproduce this bug, and the saves here didn't have a caged goblin I could find to use.
2014-08-26 15:05   
Updated 9392 save to move the (living) goblin to animal stockpile, now under F2.

Goblin appears to be a noble, don't know if that matters.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9392 [^]
2014-08-27 04:01   
@Toady One:

Not sure where I can upload to, so I used my Google Drive. Here is a save involving goblins + humans in cages.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzAFlz5BiPVSS3ZGVmdqaFdBSzA/edit?usp=sharing [^]

1. F1 to get to the cages
2. Bottom right cage is fixed.
3. Order first (S -> A) squad to stand outside the cage door area.
4. Order hostiles into fixed cage.
5. Profit.
Toady One   
2014-08-27 10:06   
Okay, they both checked out, so hopefully this'll be resolved for 0.40.11 in all cases.